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UG Degree Courses

The subject of community medicine is being taught in MBBS from 1st semester to 7 th semester with practical sections in 1st ,4th,5th& 7th semesters

Lecture sessions and practical sessions are carried out. During theory hours, introduction in community medicine and sociology are taught to students. During practical sessions, skill development programmes are carried out. Focus of the programmes are on communication, ethics, gender and health, leadership, health education, hands on exercise on first aid, familiarization with primary health centre and environment(social and physical) & health.

The clinical postings are in the morning session. Every day there are topic presentations from 8am to 9 am in which each student has to be present  2or 3 relevant topic in concepts and evolution of public health through the study of biography of noted personalities, sociology, and  health education. The major practical sessions are diet survey in the field, therapeutic diet evaluation in the hospital ward. They need to collect information and analyse the nutrient intake. Formal presentation was done at the end of the session. Each student conducts a health education session in the school.Visit to institutions of public health importance are also carried out such as St.Johns Leprosy Hospital, C.H Mohammed Koya State Institutes for Mentally Challenged, Rajeev Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, Sub Centre, the Water Works and  Anganwadi. They are also oriented to the structure of health system, biomedical waste management and life skill education. They have a residential posting(community level) for 2 days in PHC Vakkom where there are trained to malaria management, community diagnosis and identify the priorities for intervention.